︎ collabortaive works and exhibitions

1. Careless Whisper (2019)
A collaborative project with Maud Whatley, occupying a noticeboard in Crystal Palace Park installed in March 2019.

Whatley’s work included a series of drawings, sculpture and ear carved from soap. Index cards with the project title and and coordinates were posted on other noticeboards throughout the park, along with a QR linking to George Michael’s Careless Whisper for people to listen to on their journey.

The work remained largely untouched for the duration of the month, with notices either posted around the work or not at all.



2. How I Fail (2019)
A postcard of Michaelangelo’s Giuliano de Medici passes judgement everyday I walk past without watering the plants. A reminder goes 14 days without being resolved. Part of a group show at LIMBO with Zo Defferay and Maud Whatley.

3. dord variations (2018)
dord variations was a collaborative archive of encounters with Deptford High Street in south east London, taking place during Deptford X Fringe (2018). Through a series of objects, interventions and texts that exist across physical and digital spaces, participants were invited to take a self-directed tour without a dedicated route, paying close attention to what is already there. Variation no. 1 of TAKT Projects.