︎ early works

1. Augumented reality irl (2017)

Billboards photographed in Potsdam of buildings showing what was there before, interrupted with fragments of what is there now.
2. Displacement Studies i-iv (2016)

Collage work from photographs taken during Summer 2014 and left undeveloped until 2016, playing with ideas around displacing time and space.
3. Process not Product (2014)

Nine drawings with a distance of nine inches inbetween

A circle is drawn on a sheet of A3 paper 2.1 inches and 4.5 inches from the horizontal width and height respectively.

From an undesignated starting point, the circle is filled with smaller circles, a repetitive gesture that ends when the larger circle is complete.

Each drawing was completed within a time-frame of six hours using a Faber-Castell Polychromos pencil in Ultramarine (9201–120).