︎ writing

Common Bodies (2019)
written for MUCK

Swingers (2020) ︎︎︎ collage from taken photograph + screengrabs of Simone Forti performers

︎ Photograph taken on the road to visit the Hepworth Wakefield in 2019

Bodies unfolding outside of themselves, augmenting the space they inhabit beyond their physical form. Thoughts trickle through permeable fortresses of seemingly unseen structures, unravelling their barriers thread by thread, separating sinuous strands of other until all that remains are empty commons. The emptiness is inviting. Concrete landscapes sustained by perennial matter, organic creases of potentiality waiting to be unfurled.

A common space,
a common place,
a space for commonality.

The birth of a new commons. A sheath of semi-transparent acidic pink forms a weightless canopy which exhales with the breeze, expanding with every uplift above a nondescript field. An artificial second skin, hard at work diffusing rays of apathy. Every blade of grass touched by mutated dew that sends a warm glow pulsing through your skin, the soil softly shivering beneath your feet. The air feels cool and light to touch, mirroring the moment in winter months when the sun begins to rise, warming the air and melting away the heavy sleep of night. An awakening, a rhythmic surge that brings the realisation to the forefront of your mind that you come from the soil, you have grown with the earth, you will sustain life past your own existence. This vibration hums quietly, tenderly, glistening over your being as you continue to move through space and time. An experience shared with all living things.

Palpitations echo through the commons, the common space, the common place, attempting to situate themselves at the point of balance.

                              I AM THE SEA
                                                               I AM THE ROCK
                                                                                                  I AM THE WIND

I AM ALL                           OF THE ABOVE
I AM                       NONE OF THE ABOVE
I          ALL AND NONE                  ABOVE

Simultaneously nothing and everything, as nothing is still something. Simultaneously nobody and everybody, as nobody is still somebody. Prematurely we grow wary of the abundant interconnectivity before attempting to untangle the endless streams of living conscious that grind against the object. Slipping through the fault lines of ignorance to the cacophony of “more materialism, more excess, more, more, more!”.

LESS IS MORE                                                                                             MORE OR LESS

Stake your claim, tether your turf, unbind your newly awakened attention to the systems at play. Rage against the machine or move in concert with the non-living. Turbulent crescendos crashing against the grain, breaking into infinite pieces of enlightened logic, understanding and empathy. A violent glare of red erupts across the sky before being diffused once again by those gentle rose-tinted glasses. More active than passive, less absent than before, becoming our(proudly inauthentic)selves.

ellipsis journal (2014 - present)
To date, issues were produced with the support of NATIONAL ARTS COUNCIL (Singapore), designed by INSIDEOUT Creative and printed by Hato Press

ellipsis journal is an encyclopaedic project in collaboration with Kimberly Shen that focuses on ideas that may normally be omitted or unheard.

Celebrating the unusual, the journal encouraged taking a new approach to old ideas. By using one letter per issue as a theme, we hoped to open up a discourse of multiple ideas and voices.

One of few submission criterias was for work to be able to be reproduced in a print-based format.

Issue A (2014)
The inaugural issue of ellipsis focused on the letter A.
The journal featured a music score written for cello using ‘A’ as its starting point, an exploration in typography and language and video work that rethinks the notion of Anticlockwise. Absurdity is channelled through the act of painting and sculpture is embraced through Alchemy.

Contributors included Alps Bethneck / Amanda Lee Koe / Anastasia Mina / Andrea Zucchini / Charles Merewether / Erin Solomons / Gabriele Dini / Helen Goñi / Jessie McLaughlin / Jūratė Gačionytė / Kray Chen Kerui / Lee Wan Xiang / Maria Walsh / Meerabelle Jesuthasan / Monique Todd / Naomi McLean / Pauline Emond / Robert Zhao Renhui / Sakina Dhif / Sam Creasey / Tara Tan

Issue B (2015)

Contributors included Jana Hawkins-Andersen / Grace Blake / James H Bollen / Stephanie Burt / Oscar Capezio / Lee Chang Ming / Geoffrey Cher / Natalie Chin / Weixin Chong / Clelia Colantonio / Melanie Coles / Lidia Ging Cozzupoli / Naomi Fitzsimmons / Amelia Groom / Kanchana Gupta / Sophie Sleigh-Johnson / Geraldine Kang / Wan Xiang Lee / Tan Guo Liang / Scarlett Lingwood / Lynn Lu / Hajar Manaf / Mintio + Kabul / Duane Nasis / Loizos Olympios / Rachel Pafe / Corinna Triantafyllidis / Alexandra Wolf / Leonard Yang